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The Ring of Empowerment – Gold



This Ring will enhance will power, self-confidence, protection, success, and fame. It strengthens Presence, innate Self-Mastery and the sense of being one’s own Authority.


Stone: Red Garnet & Blue Sapphire

3.9 x 3.6 cm - 1.53 x 1.41 Inch
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Product Description

This Ring of Empowerment, summons Mars’ energy in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. It will induce coherent energy throughout the day and promote its wearer to collect the necessary focus in order to start a project and stick to it until it is perfectly resolved.

The design of this special Ring is the result of our extensive research into the powerful rings made for Kings in ancient times and our desire to create an ornament with a unique energy that will empower those who wear it and promote consistent and stable energy over time. The powerful blending of Fire and Earth energy forged into the metal haloes rare qualities of tuned focus and crisp sharpness of the mind.

Mars is exalting in the sign of Capricorn, because this primal, spontaneous burst of energy, the initial and infinite fire that is at risk of consuming itself, can find in its earthly manifestation, a type of consistency channeled for a palpable, particular cause. Capricorn sets boundaries, necessary in order to successfully harness this ferocious burst of fire.


On both sides of the ring, we sculptured a Phoenixes from the Greek mythology, the immortal bird, associated with the element of fire.

The symbolic meaning of the Phoenix is regeneration, purity, strength, transformation, and purification. The Phoenix depicts an overcoming of darkness, beating all challenge to become powerful and successful.

At the head of the ring, we set a Blue Sapphire, the stone associated with the energy of Saturn, symbolizing the earthly boundaries that serve to safely channel the great energy of Fire.

On each side of the blue sapphire, we set a Garnet stone, the gem associated with Mars’ energy.


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