Telos Magic Jupiter Saturn Talisman Silver Front Sand View
Telos Magic Jupiter Saturn Talisman Silver Front Sand View Telos Magic Jupiter Saturn Talisman Silver Side View Telos Magic Jupiter Saturn Talisman Silver Front View Telos Magic Jupiter Saturn Talisman Silver Above View

Jupiter-Saturn Talisman 2017 – Silver (Limited Edition) (Sold out)


The Jupiter-Saturn Talisman is a uniquely powerful artifact that enhances knowledge, practical and spiritual wisdom, mental abilities, relationships and intimacy, artistic gifts and a sense of beauty and aesthetics.   Metal : 927 Sterling Silver

3.9 x 3.9 cm – 1.5 x 1.5 Inch
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Product Description

Date of manifestation: 28/01/2017 time: 22:15 – 22:55

The Jupiter-Saturn Talisman is a uniquely powerful jewel that enhances knowledge, practical and spiritual wisdom, mental abilities, relationships and intimacy, artistic gifts, a sense of beauty and aesthetics, helping us become re-centered by finding the optimal equilibrium between a boundless but scattered mind and a mind that is focused with clearly defined boundaries.

This is a rare Talisman that encapsulates the power of a very rare and auspicious astrological alignment, one that will not happen again for decades to come, with a double mutual reception between Jupiter in Libra and Venus (the ruler of Libra) in Pisces, as well as between Jupiter and Saturn (the Exaltation Ruler of Libra) in Sagittarius, while the Moon in Aquarius is overseeing and connecting them all by a Trine aspect to Jupiter and by a Sextile aspect to Saturn, with Mars just entering Aries (his Home Sign). Unlike other Talismans, which usually embody only one specific virtue and purpose, this Jupiter-Saturn Talisman, due to the unique astrological alignment, embodies a variety of multiple virtues, since there are four dominant planets in this rare astrological alignment.

The beauty and potency of this unique Talisman is that all the embodied qualities work perfectly together, helping us become empowered towards one main goal, which is overall Peace and Harmony! While Jupiter is in a Cardinal Sign (Libra), symbolizing a new beginning (every time the Sun enters a Cardinal sign it signals the beginning of a new season), Saturn in Sagittarius (Fire Sign) introduces a 'cooling' motion and slows down the rapid movement of the fire to a more restrained energy of discipline and self-control. The combination of Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius will enable us to be responsible for living according to our personal truths and principles and to be loyal to our authentic selves, while simultaneously noticing and taking into consideration the needs of our partners.

More about the Talisman

This Talisman will also induce a craving for knowledge and wisdom. It will enhance your life experience by helping you question your belief systems and by offering you a wider perspective, increasing your tolerance and allowance to accept other people and other different belief systems without the need to impose yourself on them.

The Jupiter-Saturn Talisman will increase understanding and awareness. It will motivate you to make clear choices and decisions and to let go of what isn’t working for you. With Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, “quality over quantity” applies in all areas concerning study and learning, business and partners, friendships and intimate companionship.

Generally, this Talisman will help you dedicate yourself to one or two meaningful pursuits, which will in turn bring you much more satisfaction than being ‘spread out’ with many scattered goals and pursuits. The Talisman image is the Greco Egyptian Jupiter-Amon, the horned god that combines Jupiter’s image with the Horns of a Ram or the Ammon’s Horn (Hippocampus). Around the image, we have carved the Sacred Figures of Divine Letters of Jupiter from “Philosophy of Natural Magic” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa.

How to use

We recommend wearing the Talisman for the first time on a Thursday (the day of Jupiter), while you are by yourself, imagining what it is that you desire most from it. Be specific and detailed when formulating your wishes, and at the moment of actually wearing the Talisman, imagine yourself in the situation you wish to be in. It is recommended that you keep the Talisman to yourself and not show it to anyone for the first 24 hours. After the connection has been forged, you can freely wear it anywhere you go.

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