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Mercury Amulet – Silver (Sold Out)


Great luck and success. Knowledge, wisdom and enhanced communication skills. Fast learning, improved memory, quickness of thought and of wit. More energy and a sharp sense of humor.


Metal : 925 silver sterling

Weight : 29 gm

4 x 5 cm - 1.57 x 1.96 Inch
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Product Description

“May God bless you, good lord Mercury, you who are truthful perceptive, intelligent, and the sage and instructor of every kind of writing, arithmetic, computation, and science of heaven and earth! You are a noble lord and temperate in your joys. The lord and sustainer and subtle interpreter of wealth, business, money, and profound perceptions. You are the depositor and significator of prophecy and prophets and their perceptions, reasoning and doctrine, apprehending diverse sciences; of subtlety, intelligence. philosophy. geometry. The sciences of heaven and earth, divination, geomancy and poetry…” Picatrix

The Mercury Amulet is an extremely useful tool for sharpening our mental abilities. Improving our linguistic expression and enhancing our focus and memory. Traditionally, the Mercury Amulet is associated with overall good fortune and success and prosperity. Improved life-navigation skills, particularly in areas concerning business and commerce. It is also regarded as the Protector of travelers.

Mercury is the Ruler of intellect. And also the Ruler of movement and communication. Thus, the Mercury Amulet awakens and boosts brain activity, improved cognitive functions. Also induces mental clarity and greatly assists with everything that involves communication, speech, writing, editing and success in studying.

This is a potent Amulet for writers, journalists, bloggers, reporters, merchants and media people. Traditionally, it is also a potent Amulet for those who deal with occult maters, as it helps 'bringing down' higher concepts and synthesize them into a coherent, relatable and easily transmittable form.

This unique Amulet is especially helpful for people who feel 'stuck' and need more movement. People who need Efficiency and expediency in their lives. Along with adding a certain lightness and ease to the decision-making process, together with an elevated mental outlook whenever communication is involved.

Wearing this Amulet adds an almost inexplicable 'weightlessness' to our lives. Along with more flexibility and spontaneity, turning even the most mundane routine into a celebration of interest and curiosity. Spicing it up with a sense of perpetual wonder.

This Amulet is particularly efficient in bettering our attention skills. Like moving us from a state of stagnation to a state of mental and physical flow. Restoring memory function. Improving communication and our ability to express and understand.

Our manner of speech is significantly improved by wearing the Mercury Amulet, as well as the way we are actually heard. When Mercury speaks, others listen!. Additionally, this unique 'Jack Of All Trades' Amulet can dramatically improve our sleep. Also help with issues involving the limbs as well as the nervous and respiratory systems.


Mercury significations

Common names – The messenger of god, Mercury (Roman mythology), Hermes (Greek mythology), Thoth (Egyptian mythology), Buddha (Hindu).

Gender – androgynous   Male & Feminine

Sect – Nocturnal & Diurnal

 Rules – Gemini & Virgo, Exalted in Virgo

Metal kingdom – Quicksilver/Mercury

Mineral kingdomEmerald, agate, vitriol, all stones of diverse colors.

Plant kingdom – Herbs: Caraway, Dill, Fennel, Marjoram, Oregano, Liquorice, Parsley,   Horehound, White Fenugreek, Flax.

Flowers -Lavender, Sweet Myrtle, Valerian.



How to use

Tradition recommends wearing the Amulet for the first time on a Wednesday (the day of Mercury), while you are by yourself, imagining what it is that you desire most from it. Be specific and detailed when formulating your wishes, and at the moment of actually wearing the Amulet, imagine yourself in the situation you wish to be in.
It is recommended that you keep the Amulet to yourself and not show it to anyone for the first 24 hours. After the connection has been forged, you can freely wear it anywhere you go.

Source Quotes

“ This Mercurial Sigil brings great luck and profit in Merchandising; it gives Persons favor among Governors; it makes good Orators, strengthens the Memory, and brings great knowledge in Natural Arts; if this Sigil be Bound under or upon the Head at the time when you go to Sleep, he will see in his Sleep such things as he stands in need of, that are honest and just, and in the fear of God, especially if in the same Night the Moon transits the place of Mercury; it resists all Plague, Poisons, and Infections; as also all Lice, and other Insects; it cures the Poisonous Bites of Serpents; if it be hanged about the Neck of Infants, it makes them quickly Speak.”

 Mysterium Sigillorum Israel Hibner

“Whoever uses it will have elegant manners and be intelligent, and guard what he hears. No one will overcome you in any argument and all matters of the soul and all questions of Mercury will be clear and understandable for him. He will know how to entertain correct ideas, and will have a wise soul, strong reason and hold accepted opinions. The answer to many complicated questions will be resolved in dreams and if you suffer from epilepsy the illness will disappear. If it is placed upon young boys suffering from nightmares, who cry or are epileptic, these evils will disappear. It also cures in he who wears it”.

Book of the Treasure of Alexander

“The ring of Mercury is for [success] as a counselor, clerk or scribe and for rhetoric, knowledge and wisdom, as well as divination by dreams. It is for the relief of melancholy and for the ailments of the blood and liver. The ring of Mercury will make one who is flighty and capricious serious and sedate”.

Book of the Treasure of Alexander

… and if it be with Mercury being fortunate engraved upon Silver, or Tin, or yellow Brass, or be writ upon Virgin Parchment, it renders the bearer thereof grateful, and fortunate to do what he pleased: it bringeth gain, and prevents poverty, conduceth to memory, understanding, and divination, and to the understanding of occult things by dreams”.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy- Cornelius Agrippa


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