Telos Magic Moon Talisman Silver Front View
Telos Magic Moon Talisman Silver Front View Telos Magic Monn Talisman Silver Above View

Moon Talisman – Silver (Limited Edition) (Sold out)


Health, wealth and protection. Safe travels and protection from enemies. Sharpened instincts and increases connection with the subconscious. Highly favorable to Art and Romance.


Metal : 925 sterling silver

3.8 x 4.1 cm - 1.49 x 1.61 Inch
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Product Description

Date of manifestation – 12/03/2016 12:45 (GMT +2)

“.. O Moon, you who are the blessed lady, fortunate, cold and moist, equitable and lovely. You are the chief and the key of all the other planets, swift in your motion, having light that shines, lady of happiness and joy, of good words, good reputation, and fortunate realms… Free and precious one, you are closer to us than the other planets, you are larger than all and most luminous; you are apt to good and evil, you join the planes together, you carry their light, and by your goodness you rectify all things whatsoever…You are the beginning of all things and you end thereof”. Picatrix

The Moon Talisman endows those who wear it with health, wealth and physical protection.

The Moon is regarded as Ruler of the rhythms and cycles of our biological systems. It regulates, modulates, nourishes and protects our Life Force and seeds it with our most vital necessities. Thus, the Moon Talisman enables all aspects of fertility and growth, whether this involves feminine fertility for the embodiment of new life or providing a fertile ground for the growth of material resources, as well as being 'seeded' with Inspiration for all possible creative endeavors.

According to Ancient Tradition, the Moon Talisman is considered a powerful Protector against enemies and malefic influences, with an emphasis on protection during travels, especially at sea.

The Moon influences our subconscious, our emotions and our instincts. Wearing the Moon Talisman increases our ability to connect with our emotionally intuitive 'Inner Voice', thus enabling us to bring to the surface the subconscious aspects of ourselves and to actively employ them in our everyday lives. The Moon Talisman helps us feel more secure in our emotional natures and conveys a unique blend of euphoria and inner peace.

At the time of forging this Talisman, the Moon is in Taurus (its sign of Exaltation), making it also an Esteemed Guest of Venus (Ruler of Taurus), while Venus herself is Exalted in Pisces. This deliberately chosen blend of energies strengthens the sensory and romantic appreciation of Beauty and Esthetics, conferring to those who wear this Talisman the ability to fully enjoy the pleasures of the world, such as good food, music and art in general. It promotes a healthy appetite and opens up the senses to numerous new and exciting sensations.

On one hand, the Moon Talisman facilitates a strong connection with the earth and the body, conferring a sense of calmness, comfort and stability (Taurus). On the other hand, the Moon Talisman serves as a mystical bridge to the spiritual and the abstract, to higher and boundless Love, to artistic inspiration and to a feeling of sensual and emotional exaltation (Venus). This exquisitely harmonious dialog between those two sides, Heaven and Earth, makes allowance for 'downloading' abstract concepts and subsequently manifesting them in practically applicable ways.

The Moon Talisman increases fertility, calms emotional turmoil, dissolves creative blockages and helps with various physical aspects involving digestion, glands and hormone secretions, anemia, excessive dryness or insufficient bodily fluids, optimizing our 'inner humidity' as well as enhancing mother's milk production when needed most.



How to use

Tradition recommends wearing the Talisman for the first time on a Monday (the day of the Moon), while you are by yourself, imagining what it is that you desire most from it. Be specific and detailed when formulating your wishes, and at the moment of actually wearing the Talisman, imagine yourself in the situation you wish to be in.

It is recommended that you keep the Talisman to yourself and not show it to anyone for the first 24 hours. After the connection has been forged, you can freely wear it anywhere you go.

Source Quotes

This Sigil of Luna, strengthens the Fruit in the Womb; it helps Women in Labor; it causes Love and Amity among Married People; they who Drink of it, it makes an inseparable Love between them; it is good for Fishermen; if they hang it in the Water it draws and gathers the Craw-Fish and other Fish to the place where they may be most easily caught”.

Mysterium Sigillorum Israel Hibner

“The ring of the Moon is for pacifying the uproars of the populace and dispersing rioters. Whoever carries [the ring of the Moon] will always be successful in farming and gardening and that which is planted by his hand will be fruitful. A traveler who carries [the ring of the Moon] will always be protected when voyaging by sea or on water. Lowered into the water, [the ring of the Moon] will make storm stormy seas or tides calm”.

Book of the Treasure of Alexander

“This fortunate Moon being engraved on Silver, renders the bearer thereof grateful, amiable, pleasant, cheerful, honored, removing all malice, and ill will. It caused security in a journey, increase of riches, and health of body, drives away enemies and other evil things from what place thou pleaseth…”

Three Books of Occult Philosophy- Cornelius Agrippa

Moon significations

Common names – Diana, Luna (Roman mythology), Selene, Hecate (Greek mythology), Chandra (Hindu).

Gender – Feminine

Sect – Nocturnal

 Rules –Cancer, Exalted in Taurus

Metal kingdom – Silver

Mineral kingdomSelenite or moonstone, white stones, small pearls, all soft stones.

Plant kingdom – Moistening, emollient herbs: Chickweed, Water Lily.

Sedating, cooling febrifugal or anti-inflammatory herbs: Clary Sage, Lettuce, White Willow, Cleavers.

Flowers: Calla, Lotus, Nymphaeaceae/Water lilies, all white flowers    and. Mostly night-growing varieties

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