Telos Magic Venus Talisman Pendant Silver Front View With Sand
Telos Magic Venus Talisman Pendant Silver Front View With Sand Telos Magic Venus Talisman Pendant Silver Front Side View Telos Magic Venus Talisman Pendant Silver Above View Telos Magic Venus Talisman Pendant Silver Front View

Venus Talisman – Silver (Limited Edition)


This is the ideal Talisman for love, romance and harmony. It makes you sexually attractive. Becoming more lovable, sociable and altogether happier is now within your reach.


Metal : 925 Sterling Silver

4.6 x 5.2 cm – 1.8 x 2.04 Inch
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Product Description

Date of manifestation – 18/3/16 07:18 (GMT +2)

“O Venus, from you proceeds the power of enjoyment and love. From you proceeds the root of the conjunction of love between man and a woman. You draw the spirit of one person toward another, and by your virtue love is generated”. Picatrix

Wearing Venus Talisman expands the scope of your esthetic and sensual enjoyment, strengthens the bonds of true friendship and enhances your passion and inner peace.

The Venus Talisman is a potent attractor of new romantic relationships and a preserver of existing ones. Ancient sources are praising the power of the Venus Talisman to make you attractive and desirable to the opposite sex.

This Talisman is essential if you want to open your Heart. It confers optimism and awakens the will to live and experience life to its fullest, to appreciate beauty and to enjoy the finest creations in music and art. It amplifies the senses and brings you closer to the ones you love.

The Venus Talisman is crafted when Venus is in Pisces and the Moon in Cancer, therefore infusing it with a powerful and unique blend of sensuality, emotion, sensitivity to others and personal magnetism. This induces an overall feeling of harmony and elevates your imagination and creative inspiration to a whole new level, emotionally connecting you to the infinite and limitless essence of who you really are.

In addition to this unique blend, the Venus Talisman heightens your ability to work with the subconscious, turning it into an active and creative aspect of your Being. Venus invites prosperity and fertility, and invokes the Muses to inspire you in all your creative endeavors.

The Venus Talisman also promotes a healthy appetite, balances the thyroid, elevates the mood, restores passion, enhances sleep, strengthens the memory, boosts motivation and allows your creative expression to flow unhindered.


Venus significations

Common names – The goddess of love & beauty, the great queen of heaven, Aphrodite (Greek mythology), Inanna (Sumerian), Shukr (Hindu).

Gender - Feminine

Sect – Diurnal

Rules – Taurus & Libra, Exalted in Pisces

Metal kingdom – Copper, brass, all latten ware

Mineral kingdom – Pearl, Ruby, Diamond, Shell, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian

Plant kingdom – Herbs: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Geranium, Vanille.

Flowers: Roses, Violets, Magnolia, All flowers with good odor and that they are pleasant to look.


How to use

Tradition recommends wearing the Talisman for the first time on a Friday (the day of Venus), while you are by yourself, imagining what it is that you desire most from it. Be specific and detailed when formulating your wishes, and at the moment of actually wearing the Talisman, imagine yourself in the situation you wish to be in.

It is recommended that you keep the Talisman to yourself and not show it to anyone for the first 24 hours. After the connection has been forged, you can freely wear it anywhere you go.

Source Quotes

“This Sigil causes great Love and Amity between Men and Women, young Men and Maids; it takes away all Hatred and Hostilities, and if any one gives of it to Drink to his Mortal Enemy, especially in Red Wine in the Influence, he will begin to be his best Friend, and will endeavor him no more harm; it gives great Power to learn all sorts of Music; it creates an infinite Spirit of Love amongst Lovers…it augments the Sperm, strengthens the Body in Coition, and causes that Men and Women never part.”

Mysterium Sigillorum Israel Hibner

“The ring of Venus is for mercy, the love of women and passion and whomever wear it will be cheerful and contented. It is for the relief of difficulties attending birth and pregnancy in women. “

Book of the Treasure of Alexander

“And he who use this seal of Venus will always be happy and joyous, he can also cause hysteria to disappear from women who suffer from this evil and cure all affliction of the uterus. It also helps to diminishing and stop hemorrhage. “

Book of the Treasure of Alexander

promotes concord, ends strife, procures the love of women, helps conception, is good against barrenness, gives ability for generation, dissolves enchantments, causes peace between man and woman, and makes all kinds of animals fruitful…it likewise drives away, melancholy distempers, and causes joyfulness; and this being carried about travelers, makes them fortunate”

Three Books of Occult Philosophy- Cornelius Agrippa


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