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The Chakana ring Gold with Silver


The Chakana Ring is a powerful artifact and a key for unlocking the gates of our perception.


Metal: yellow Gold ring with Silver top

Stone: Black Diamond 

2.2 x 2.6 cm - 0.86 x 1.02 Inch
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Product Description

The Chakana Ring is a powerful artifact and a key for unlocking the gates of our perception. It is the ultimate power object for anyone who seeks to spiritually grow and experience the endless continuum of realities between the “Above” and the “Below”.

The Chakana, also named the Inca Cross, originates in the ancient, South-American culture of the Inca. This omnipotent symbol was used by apprentices of shamanic techniques to find the mental equilibrium that is essential for crossing the lines of perception and walking freely between the three shamanic worlds.

The word Chakana is derived from “chaka”, which in Runasimi, the traditional language of the Inca people, means; 'to cross over', or 'a crossing’.

According to the Incas, the three shamanic worlds are:

Hana Pacha - The upper world. It is home to the celestial spirits, the stars, the divine creatures, our spirit guides and the gods.

Kay Pacha - The middle world. What some call Mother Earth, the three dimensional reality of the senses, here and now, our everyday existence.

Ukhu or Urin Pacha - The underworld. Home to many of the nature spirits, of our ancestors, power animals and plant totems.


Inka cross



This sacred religious symbol is formed by superimposing a number of geometric shapes that represent the main elements of our reality as seen by the Incas.


  • The equal-armed cross – Represents the cardinal points of the compass and the Southern Cross constellation, also known as the Fixed cross or axis mundi.
  • The square – Represents the upper world, Hana Pacha.
  • The circle – Represents the middle world, Kay Pacha.
  • The triangle – Represents the underworld, Ukhu or Urin Pacha.
  • The hole/void in the center – Represents the Passageway or portal between the different worlds, as well as the achievement of spiritual wisdom and the awakening of our Divine Self.


A total of twelve corners can be found in the Chakana’s design, which stands for the 12 months of the Inca calendar, the 12 Inca festivals as well as the 12 zodiac signs and the achievement of awareness.


In some archaeological sites, only half of the Chakana symbol was found while the other half was completed by its shadow. This ingenious technique was used to symbolize the non-physical aspects of our world, the Source of all things or as we refer to it; the Black Sun.


To further enhance the Chakana symbol, we have carved 2 Shamanic Eagles on both sides of the ring. The eagles empower the one who wears it with strength, courage, wisdom and most important, the ability to soar above the material plane, see into the spiritual realms and effortlessly glide between the worlds.

In the center of the Chakana Ring, a Black Diamond is set which represents the “black sun”, the enigmatic source of all that there is, the Eternal Fountain, if you will. Tapping into this endless reservoir of pure energy and manifesting its perfect balance, is the goal and purpose of the Chakana Ring.


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