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The Fire Element Sacred Pendant


The Fire Element Pendant will significantly boost your vitality. You will become more active, energetic, creative, dynamic, charismatic and passionate.


Metal : 925 Sterling Silver & Brass

4 x 4.7 cm – 1.57 x 1.85 Inch
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Product Description

The Four Elements

“There are four Elements, and original grounds of all corporal things, Fire, Earth, Water, Air, of which all elemented inferior bodies are compounded; not by way of heaping them up together, but by transmutation, and union…” Three books of Occult Philosophy

In ancient Greek science and medicine, the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air were the basic constituents of all matter.

Everything in the universe (Macrocosm) and in the human body (Microcosm) is composed of the Four Elements, in varying proportions.

In traditional Astrology, the four elements are regarded as the vital principles making up the whole of creation as it is commonly perceived by human beings. Each element possesses certain inherent qualities, which give rise to its properties and actions in the realm of matter.

With the 'Elements' sacred jewelry collection, we are encouraging those who seek to balance their lives or to enhance one of the four elemental qualities to look inside with modesty and to find the more moderate or missing element(s) that will restore their sense of wholeness.

The entire 'Elements' jewelry collection of sacred pendants is created at an auspicious Astrological time, when the first sign of the selected element is powerful on the horizon.

On the inner facets of the 'Elements' pendants we have carved in Latin the words: Spiritus, Animus, Mens and Corpus. These words correspond to the Elements and help summon their virtues.


Spiritus - Spirit - Fire

Animus - Soul - Water

Mens - Mind - Air

Corpus - Body – Earth

The Fire Pendant (from ‘Elements')

This Sacred Pendant, with Aries Rising and the symbol of the Salamander (the elemental Spirit of Fire), will give your life force a major energy boost. It will help you be more active, energetic, creative, passionate, dynamic and charismatic. The Fire Element Pendant and its symbols can help you find your inner natural born leader and increase your courage, daring and enthusiasm.


Healing effects traditionally associated with the 'Element' Pendants


The Fire Element boosts the digestive fire and significantly improves metabolism. It strengthens the heart, liver, muscles and eyesight.


The Earth Element brings stability to the body by strengthening the bones, joints, teeth, gums, hair and nails.


The Water Element increases the vital fluids of the body and strengthens the kidneys, the lymphatic system, the bladder, the brain and the spinal cord.


The Air Element opens your body’s spaces and cavities, which allow for improved movement and function. It strengthens the lungs, the thorax, the joints, the connective tissue and the liver.

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