Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Dark Clay Upper View
Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Dark Clay Upper View Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Dark Clay Side View Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Dark Clay Front View Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Light Clay Upper View Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Light Clay Side View Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Light Clay Front View Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Light And Dark clay Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Healing Dark And Light Clay

The Incantation Bowl of Healing and Protection (sold out)


Protect your home and attract good fortune with this Artifact. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, will ward off all evil spirits, draw in good luck and shower it upon you and upon those who dwell in your home and around it.


Material : Terracotta Clay

20 x 7 cm - 7.87 x 2.75 Inch
See the Protective Incantation Bowl
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Product Description

An Incantation Bowl, also known as a devil-trap bowl or Magic Bowl, is an early form of protective magic from Babylonia.

According to ancient Babylonian tradition, Incantation Bowls where used for protection as well as for attracting good luck and health. Additionally, they were not only used by the living, but were also ordered for the recently deceased by their loved ones, in order to protect them on their journey to the underworld.

After more than a year of researching ancient Babylonian tradition, we have decided to ressurect the Magic Power of the Incantation Bowl and to create two types of Incantation Bowls: One as an Amulet for protection and another one as a Talisman for summoning and attracting Jupiter, the great Benefic, for wealth, health and good luck.

In keeping with the ancient Babylonian tradition, all our Magic Incantation Bowls are made of clay and handmade to order. They are all inscribed in the Classic Aramaic language, and the Protection Amulet is additionally illustrated with images of captured demons, emulating the drawing techniques of that era.

This one-of-a-kind project is in fact a collaboration with the clay artist Chen Sivan, who will be hand-crafting the desired Incantation Bowls to your order.

* All our Incantation Bowls are handmade especially for you and they are inscribed with your name or with the names of those for whom the Incantation Bowl was ordered.

Please allow between 14 to 21 days until shipping.

The inscribed Aramaic text

Here is the classic Aramaic text, emulating the writing style, the expressions and the formulations of that ancient period.

לשמך אנא עבד אנא קדישא רבא מרא אלהיא אדון האלים, אסותא מן שמיא תהוא ל שמא (...) ותהוא לה לביתה

לשמך צדק אנא עבד אנא הנא קמיעא דיהוא להון לאסותא

ויתאסו ויתנטרו מן כל רוחין מן כל זיקין ומזיקין דאית בעלמא

אנא כפתינון לכיפי ארעא ואסרתינון למזלי רקיעא אנקטתינון ואסרתינון לשידי

חתים ומחתם ביתה ואיסקופתה וזר וזרעה וקינינה ד שמא (...)

ותוב משבע אנא עלכי אנתי רוחא בישתא דלא תיזלין ולא תיהוין שמא...) ) לא צותא דלליא ולא צותא דלליא ודאיממא

ואנתי רוחא בישתא יהון רזיכי טמירין דחזא לכי בגוהא מרמא לכי בנקישיא מרמא

לכי ברפסא מרמא לכי ובסהרא ובצבעונא משנא יתכי מומנא לכי ומשבע אנא עלכי אנתי רוחא בישתא ופגעין ולטבין ושידין ודיוין וטעין ויפתכרין ונאלין והרהורין בשמה דצדק

דתזחין ותנזחין ותתחלפין ותעדין ותפקין ותתבטלין ותתיקרין מינה מן שמא ...)) ומביתה

שמעי ופוקי מן ביתה שמא...) ) מן פתחה ומן ביתה ומן זרעה ומן נינה מן ניכדה מן פתחה ומן שרבתה ולא תתחזין להון לא בחלמא דלליא ולא בחזונא דאיממה

ולא בשנתהון ולא בעאלהון ולא בתרתעשרי שעין דלליא ולא בתרתעשרי שעין דאיממא אשבעת

מן יומא הנא ולעלם בעגלא ובזמן קריב

The Incantation Bowl of Healing and Protection

This Handmade Incantation Bowl is especially designed for attracting health and good luck, for you or the person for whom the Incantation Bowl was ordered.

This Incantation Bowl, similar in function to a traditional Talisman, will summon the power of Jupiter, the Great Benefic, and will draw wealth, health and good fortune towards you and those who dwell in your home.

This magical artifact will not only protect you and your home, but will also bestow peace on those who dwell in your abode, also gracing them with abundance, prosperity and success.

This Protective Incantation Bowl is inscribed with a magical summoning spell in the classic Aramaic language (same linguistic version as found in the ancient originals) and is illustrated with the figure of Jupiter, whose benefic influence we wish to attract, as it is recommended in the Picatrix (one of the most important books ever written on astrological magic). This Protection Talisman is additionally illustrated with the powerful symbols, characters and signatures of Jupiter, emulating the drawing techniques of the Babylonian era.

For gaining the beneficial effects of this Incantation Bowl, you have two options:

* For the protection of your home and for the summoning of success and good health, place the Bowl at a central location inside your house, while burning incense of a fine odor on an early Thursday morning – the best time is at sunrise. During the burning of the incense, keep your mind focused on all the good things that you wish to attract into your home. The best method is to burn the incense inside the Bowl. While the smoke is rising, take the Bowl to the four corners of the house (or room), allowing the smoke to rise to the corner ceiling. After doing so, place the Bowl at a central location inside your home (or room).

* For healing and protection of your body, place a Yellow Stone inside the Bowl. Yellow Topaz, Yellow Sapphire or Citrine are most recommended, but any Yellow Stone will work as well. Then, pour fresh water into the Bowl. Leave the water to sit in the Bowl for the night and then drink it first thing in the morning, either with the general intention of healing or focusing on a specific area in your body that needs healing. While drinking, visualize the water reaching the area that needs healing and let it “wash away” the problem. Pouring the water on a Wednesday night and drinking it the next day, on a Thursday (at sunrise), will enhance the power of the Talisman even more, because the activation is performed on the day and hour of Jupiter.

The text translation

And here is the English translation of the above text, as close as can possibly be to the original meaning:

In your name I act, great Jupiter. May there be healing from the heavens for (insert name) and for her/his house…

In your name (Jupiter) I make this amulet so that it may serve for healing…

And may they be healed and protected from all spirits, from all cursing demons and tormentors that exist in the world…

I have tied up the rocks of the earth and bound the constellations of the sky.

Sealed and double sealed is the house and the threshold and the seed and the property of (insert name).

And again I adjure and again I swear you, you evil spirit, that you should not go and become to (insert name) neither a companion of the night nor a companion of night and day.

And you, evil spirit, may your mysteries be hidden. The one who sees you, with rumbling he hurls you, with clapping he hurls you, with shaking he hurls you, and by the moon and by its color he drives you mad. I adjure you and I swear you, you, evil spirits, and affliction demons and no-good ones and demons and dēvs and error spirits and idol spirits and complaint spirits and evil thoughts, in the name of the great Jupiter…

… That you may move and be removed and be displaced and go away and depart and be abolished and be annulled from (insert name) and from their home.

Listen and go out from the house of (insert name) from the doorway and from the dwelling of (insert name), and from their house, and from their offspring, and from their child, from their grandchild, from their doorway, and from there family, and do not appear to them, neither by dream of night nor by vision of day, and neither during their sleep nor during their waking, and neither during the twelve hours of the night nor during the twelve hours of the day.

From this day and forever, swiftly and soon.

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