Telos Magic Mars Silver Fromt
Telos Magic Mars Silver Fromt Telos Magic Mars Silver Side Telos Magic Mars Silver Sand Front

Mars Agripa Talisman – Silver (Limited Edition)(Sold out)


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver


3 x 3 cm - 1.18 x 1.18 Inch
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Every order is shipped with a custom-carved wooden box.
Hey Sharon, I just received my Falmmorian Engraving and I wanted to say a huge thank you. It's wonderful. The wrapping, the box, the message and of course the beautiful craft that went into the pendants creation. I can see… Read more
Hi Omer, The feedback about the talisman is very positive!!! First time I felt the bond right after I made the payment... then, the moment I looked at it in the beautiful gift box, on December the 20th. On the… Read more