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Mars Aries Talisman – Silver (Limited Edition)(Sold Out)


A potent fiery talisman to enhance personal power and protection, self-confidence, a perpetual drive for personal excellence, increased sexual energy, self-control and deep inner healing.

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

2.9 x 2.9 cm - 1.14 x 1.14 Inch
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Product Description

Date of manifestation – 22/01/19 10:13 (GMT +2)

This Mars Talisman has the power to boost courage and confidence while enhancing the ability for self redefinition in a way that will lead to the highest possible manifestation of one’s Essential Being. It is a strong motivator that promotes a unique sort of 'winner mentality', thus significantly increases the chances of obtaining our desired outcomes. Moreover it will serve as a strong protection from enemies and those who wish to harm us in any way.

Wearing this Mars Talisman, you will become more energetic, vital and with enhanced libido and physical strength. It will enable you to regain your innate courage, self-confidence and the firmness of standing your own ground.
At the time of this talisman’s creation, Mars was rising in Aries, its home sign and Saturn exultantly ruled the Midheaven in Capricorn, his own house and sign, making it the ideal Talisman to inspire determination and success. The Moon in Leo was aspecting Mars with a harmonic trine while the auspicious conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius was aspecting both the Moon and Mars with another trine, creating a perfect fiery equilateral triangle supporting the Martian energy of manifestation with a great energy of beneficial positivity, cooperation and integration of will.
Mars in Aries symbolises a burst of powerful life force and it bringing an instant change to the surrounding landscape in one single ״blow״. It will shake any ground, any belief system, creating a new beginning that will introduce joy, vitality, optimism, courage and strength.

This Talisman is endowed with abundant Fire energy since it combines all three levels of the Fire element, Aries-Leo-Sagittarius, which makes it ideal for promoting creativity, health, productivity and longevity. It is invaluable in assisting those who wear it connecting with their genuine motivational driving forces and to boost their own Inner Powers.
This Talisman is regarded as a sexual magnet, a magnifier of passion, enhancement of constructive sexual energy and the will to create and manifest. It challenges us to 'do the impossible', imbibing us with focused energy: courage, will power, physical strength and self-confidence, all combined together with an adventurous disposition.

Source Quotes

“make cowards brave, strengthens your hart and guard it against deceivers, thieves and enemies.”
Book of the Treasure of Alexander
“the wearer will be protected from paralysis, fear, fever and those illnesses arising from cold.”
Book of the Treasure of Alexander
“makes a man potent in war and judgment, and petitions, and terrible to his enemies; and victorious over them…”
Three Books of Occult Philosophy – by Cornelius Agrippa

Mars significations

Common names – God of war, The red planet, Ares (Greek mythology), Deshur or Horus the red (Egyptian mythology), Mangala (Hindu).
Gender – Masculine
Sect – Nocturnal
Rules – Aries & Scorpio, Capricorn by exaltation
Metal kingdom – Iron, red bronze and all kinds of sulphur.
Mineral kingdom – Garnet, red coral, bloodstone or any red stones.
Plant kingdom – Herbs: Many herbs ruled by Mars are armed with sharp barbs and thorns like: Red pepper, wormwood, aloes, garlic, onions, horseradish and mustard.
Flowers: Squill, coarser bright flowers.

How to use


We recommend wearing the Talisman for the first time on a Tuesday (the day of Mars), while you are by yourself, imagining what it is that you desire most from it. Be specific and detailed when formulating your wishes, and at the actual moment of wearing the Talisman, imagine yourself in the situation you wish to be in.
It is recommended that you keep the Talisman to yourself and not show it to anyone for the first 24 hours. After the connection has been forged, you can freely wear it anywhere you go.

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