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Jupiter Cazimi – Phoenix -Silver (Limited Edition)(Sold Out)


This Talisman is a uniquely powerful artifact for success, prosperity, growth and abundance. It enhances knowledge, practical and spiritual wisdom, mental abilities, relationships ability that is out of the ordinary, healing and protection.

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

3.8 x 3.8 cm - 1.49x 1.49 Inch
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Product Description

Date of manifestations: 26/11/2018 Time: 06:23 (GMT +2)

The Jupiter Cazimi Talisman is a rare, unique and powerful artifact that enhances our achievements and success, practical and spiritual wisdom, knowledge and mental abilities, artistic gifts, a sense of beauty and aesthetics.
A Cazimi conjunction or “in the heart of the sun” is a time when a planet is exactly in 0.17 minutes of orb from the Sun and it gives us a tremendous “push” toward the manifestation of our earthy and spirituality desires while helping us become re-centered by finding the optimal equilibrium between a boundless but scattered mind and a mind that is focused with clearly defined boundaries.

This rare Talisman encapsulates the power of a very rare and auspicious astrological alignment, with Jupiter “the great benefic” (in his home sign) conjunct to the Sun and rising in Sagittarius while the Moon in Cancer (the Moons home sign and Jupiter exaltation sign) while Venus in here home sign of Libra and Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn.
Unlike other Talismans, which usually embody only one specific virtue and purpose, this Jupiter-Cazimi Talisman, due to the unique astrological alignment, embodies a variety of multiple virtues, since there are five dominant planets in this rare astrological alignment. The beauty and potency of this unique Talisman is that all the embodied qualities work perfectly together, helping us become empowered towards one main goal, which is abundance!


Since Jupiter is in Sagittarius the highest fiery sign and conjunct to the Sun we chose to carve the Phoenix from the Greek mythology, which is a long-lived bird that associated with the element of fire and Sun.
The symbolic meaning of the phoenix is about renewal, purity, strength, transformation and purification. The phoenix is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge to become powerful and succeed.

This Jupiter Cazimi Talisman will increase understanding and awareness. It will motivate you to make clear choices and decisions while letting go of what isn’t working for you.


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