Telos Magic Incantation Bowl Of Protection Dark Clay Upper View
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The Protective Incantation Bowl (sold out)


This Artifact will Protect those who dwell in your home and around it and will ward off all evil spirits.


Material : Terracotta Clay

20 x 7 cm - 7.87 x 2.75 Inch
See the Incantation Bowl of Healing and Protection
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Product Description

An Incantation Bowl, also known as a devil-trap bowl or Magic Bowl, is an early form of protective magic from Babylonia.

According to ancient Babylonian tradition, Incantation Bowls where used for protection as well as for attracting good luck and health. Additionally, they were not only used by the living, but were also ordered for the recently deceased by their loved ones, in order to protect them on their journey to the underworld.

After more than a year of researching ancient Babylonian tradition, we have decided to ressurect the Magic Power of the Incantation Bowl and to create two types of Incantation Bowls: One as an Amulet for protection and another one as a Talisman for summoning and attracting Jupiter, the great Benefic, for wealth, health and good luck.

In keeping with the ancient Babylonian tradition, all our Magic Incantation Bowls are made of clay and handmade to order. They are all inscribed in the Classic Aramaic language, and the Protection Amulet is additionally illustrated with images of captured demons, emulating the drawing techniques of that era.

This one-of-a-kind project is in fact a collaboration with the clay artist Chen Sivan, who will be hand-crafting the desired Incantation Bowls to your order.

* All our Incantation Bowls are handmade especially for you and they are inscribed with your name or with the names of those for whom the Incantation Bowl was ordered.

Please allow between 14 to 21 days until shipping.

The inscribed Aramaic text

Here is the classic Aramaic text, emulating the writing style, the expressions and the formulations of that ancient period.

תתאסין תתנטרין תשתזבין, מן חרשין מעבדין מן חרשא

כל דלארעא קריא וכל דלשמיא מציתא ואנא כתב אנא עליכון גיטא גיט פיטורין ושבוקין מן כל רוחין מן כל זיקין ומזיקין דאית בעלמא מן רוח רפסא ומן חומרין בישין ומן רוחין זידנין דפורא רמא אנא ושקל אנא ועבדא עבד אנא במתיבא לשמא(…)

בשם אתותא מן גו אתותא אתותא מן גו אתותא ושם מן גו שמהא ונקבא מן גו גליא דבהון יתכנעו שמיא וארעא וטורא בהון ויתעקרון ורמיתא בהון ויתמסרון שידא וחרשא בהון עברין מן עלמא

בכין סלקת עליכון למרומא מחבלא למפקונותהון ולחרמהון דשידין ודשבטין ודדיוין ודסטנין ודחילמא סניתא שגישא

ותזחון ותפקון מן ביתה ואסקופתה ד שמא (...) ולא תתחזון להון לא בחלמא דלליא ולא בשינתא דאיממא מטול דפטרנן יתיכון מניכון בספר תרוכין וגטא גט פיטורין ואגרת שבוקין

ובעממיא הנון לא תתניח ולא יהא מנוחתא לפרסת רגלך ויתל יוי לך תמן לבא דחילא וחשוך עינא ומפחת נפשא

The Protective Incantation Bowl

This Handmade Protective Incantation Bowl is especially designed for the protection of the home and of those who dwell in and around it.

This Incantation Bowl, similar in function to a traditional Amulet, will ward off all evil spirits and will also function as a trap for demonic entities.

For your protection and for the protection of your home and property, this Incantation Bowl should be placed* under the threshold, in the courtyard or in one of the corners of your home.

*The Bowl needs to be placed upside down, in order to capture the demons.

For protection of the recently deceased on their journey beyond this world, the Incantation Bowl should be buried upside down inside the grave or close to it, or placed upside down in the cemetery, next to the tombstone.

The magic spell for this Protective Incantation Bowl is inscribed in the Classic Aramaic language (same linguistic version as found in the ancient originals), and the Protection Amulet is additionally illustrated with images of captured demons*, emulating the drawing techniques of that era.

* Placing the Incantation Bowl upside down is a way of magically trapping the offending demons inside the Bowl, so that they are incapable of causing any harm.

The text translation

And here is the English translation of the above text, as close as can possibly be to the original meaning:

(Insert name), may you be healed, may you be protected, may you be saved from every evil, strong, powerful spirit…

All that calls out from the earth and all that hearkens in the heavens…

And I have given you a divorce, a deed of release and of sending forth and away…

 From all spirits, from all cursing demons and tormentors that exist in the world…

From the spirit of weakness, from evil amulet spirits and from wicked spirits…

I am hereby casting and drawing a lot, and I am making a magical act in the dwelling of (insert name).

In the name of a letter from within a letter and letters from within letters and a name from within the names and gaps from within the revealed, by which heaven and earth were subjugated, mountains were uprooted and heights were melted. Demons and sorceries die by them.

Therefore, I have ascended against you on high, to take out and ban them demons and plagues and stinking waters and demons and evil and confused dreams…

That you may flee and leave the house and threshold of (insert name) and not appear to them, neither in the dream of the night nor in the sleep of the day. For I have hereby released you by a document of divorce, and a deed of discharge and dismissal, and letters of separation.

And among those peoples you shall not find rest, and there shall be no place of rest for the sole of your foot. There, the Lord will give you a fearful heart and darkness of the eyes and pining of the soul.

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