Sekhmet The Egyptian Goddess Amulet Gold Front Black
Sekhmet The Egyptian Goddess Amulet Gold Front Black Sekhmet The Egyptian Goddess Amulet Gold Side View Sekhmet The Egyptian Goddess Amulet Gold Sand View Sekhmet The Egyptian Goddess Amulet Gold Front View

Sekhmet the Egyptian goddess Amulet – Brass – (only 1 for sale)


Comes with a black string. Please let us know if you want it 18 inch or 20 inch.

2.7 x 5.5 cm - 1.06 x 2.16 Inch
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Product Description

The Sekhmet Egyptian goddess Amulet is a potent hand-crafted artifact of ancient times, optimal for protection and for acquiring healing abilities.

This amulet is especially sacred for those who want to become a strong and powerful healers and to protect their loved ones as well as for those who want to strengthen themselves to live boldly without fear and inhibitions.

Sekhmet, the Egyptian Sun goddess of war is a protective goddess who was seen as the protector of Ma'at (the divine order) and of the pharaohs. She was called upon in spells, incantations and amulets to ward off all disease and to avert plague.

Sekhmet is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities of ancient world. Her name is derived from the Egyptian word “Sekhem”, which means "power" or “might”, and is often translated as the "Powerful One" or "She who is Powerful". She is depicted in human form with the head of a lioness and crowned with a sun disk who depicted with the Uraeus rearing cobra that illustrates her connection to her father, the Sun god Re and symbolized the absolute power and authority of the gods and the Egyptian monarchy.

This hand-crafted Sekhmet amulet is a powerful jewelry which uses the image of Sekhmet combined with powerful Egyptian Hieroglyph to empower us on the quest of changing an unfulfilled life into the life we truly desire.

In this Hand crafted Amulet we carved the goddess Sekhmet, while standing and holding the Ankh in her right hand (the key of life which symbolizing eternal life as Sekhmet was also known as the giver of life( and holding a staff decorated with lotus flower in her left hand which symbolizing upper Egypt, the sun, creation and rebirth. On the top of the Amulet, we carved Sekhmet name in Hieroglyph.   

Sekhmet Hieroglyphe interpretation




The first symbol (on the left) in Sekhmet’s name is the Sekhem-scepter, which means “powerful” or “control”, pronounced as “Shm” and was frequently incorporated in names and words associated with power such as the king’s name or the name of gods. The round sieve or placenta which pronounced as “Kh”- and the bread loaf symbol (semicircle) indicates the female gender and is pronounced as “T”. The seated woman represents the fact that this is a goddess, but does not have a pronunciation associated with it.



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