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Shamanic Frog – Gold Pendant


A powerful Shamanic Totem and symbol for Healing, fertility, and abundance,
transformation and wisdom.

Metal: Gold plated Silver or Gold

4.5 x 3 cm - 1.77 x 1.18 Inch
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Product Description

The Shamanic Frog Power Animal is a Symbol Of Healing, Cleansing, transformation, Renewal/Rebirth, and water energy.

Wearing the Shamanic Frog pendant will inspire you to renew your perspective and vision and will encourage you to clear old opinions and beliefs while adopting a new stance or perspective.

The natives of north and south America as well as the Celtic traditions recognizing the frog as a healer and as a symbol of life transformation, ancient wisdom, and magic.

In Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and other cultures from antiquity, the frog were associated with birth and rebirth and it was a symbol of fertility and abundance.




In the Chinese and Japanese tradition, It is thought to bring good luck and abundance and it is customary to see frog statues in China with coins on their lips or to find in Japan frog amulets that are worn by people as a means of attracting good fortune and safety.

You can use this artifact to support you in clearing negativity and “toxic” energies as well as for emotional release.

The frog known as the creature who can move between the worlds and the shamanic frog totem symbolizes the cycles of life, in particular the rebirth stage. Its journey through life, from tadpole to the adult state, reminds us of the many cycles of transformation and rebirth in our lives.


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