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The Shamanic Mask – Silver



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Metal : 925 silver sterling

Weight : 8.48 g

2.9 x 2.9 cm - 1.14 x 1.14 Inch
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Product Description

This Shamanic mask combines the symbols of few powerful ancient traditions in order to create the Mask that will gain protection against all evil eye and to help the one who wear it to create the forgotten bridge between this world and the underworld and to more easily communicate with supernatural spirits and our ancestries.

Shamanic Masks are one of the few things on earth that connect all humanity throughout time. We have created ritual and protection masks since our very beginnings in order to disguise, protect, or connect with ancient ancestry.

In ancient shamanic traditions masked rituals act as an important link between past and present, giving a sense of historic continuity that strengthens the social bond and helps the Shaman to connect with his ancestors and ask them for help, protection and knowledge that they have accumulated in their past incarnation or in the world beyond.

Masks have been used by cultures around the globe for performances and rites, ceremonies and festivals and were often represent supernatural spirits as well as ancestors and therefore have both a religious and a social significance.


One ancient symbol that you can find in many shamanic tradition all over the glob is a mask with the tongue outside the mouth and it was symbolic of a person taking a journey into the underworld of the deceased.

In many ancient shamanic traditions it was learned to look for a “gate” in the physical world that would help you pass to the underworld, the “gate” could be a cave you found in the forest, a hollow tree trunk or any motif that would help the practitioner visualize a “descent” into the world beyond.

Among the most advanced and ancient techniques, which were kept a secret only to those members who underwent initiation, was the way to go inside, through the mouth, towards the base chakra and into he underworld.

Some of those masks with their tongues out, which are scattered in almost every culture in the world, have the purpose of reminding those partitioners and preserve the unique technique and the power that each of us has, to move to another dimension without any external devices but only through self-observation.

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