Telos Magic Shamanic Owl Silver Front View
Telos Magic Shamanic Owl Silver Front View Telos Magic Shamanic Owl Silver SIde View Telos Magic Shamanic Owl Silver Sand View

Shamanic owl – Pendant – Silver


The Shamanic Owl power animal will attract wisdom and intuitive knowledge to your life.

Metal : 925 sterling silver

2.7 x 2 cm - 1.06 x 0.78 Inch
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Product Description

This unique hand-made jewelry will “open” your eyes to see what’s usually hidden to most and to see the true reality, beyond the veil of deception and illusion. It will guide you to look deep within yourselves and to be true to your intentions and feelings.

In ancient traditions, it was believed that the spirit animal of the Owl will provide the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.



This powerful Owl artifact was designed especially for those who need to let go of some parts of their life that are no longer needed and to look closely at the dark part of their life and mind and to summon deep changes process.


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Every order is shipped with a custom-carved wooden box.
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