Telos Magic Sun Bracelet Silver Upper View
Telos Magic Sun Bracelet Silver Upper View Telos Magic Sun Bracelet Silver Side View Telos Magic Sun Bracelet Silver Front View

The Sun Bracelet – Silver


This powerful unique Sun bracelet enhances willpower, self-confidence and one’s sense of identity.


Metal: 925 Sterling Silver


Stone: Ruby

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Product Description

The Sun bracelet strengthens our Presence, our innate Self-Mastery and the sense of being our own Authority. Just like the Sun itself, it symbolizes the Central Fire and it enhances willpower, self-confidence and one's sense of identity. It is an artifact for protection as well as success and fame.
The Sun bracelet, when worn, awakens in us the Spark of Life and the Fires of Creation. It is ideal for promoting creativity, joy, vitality, health and a long and productive life. It is invaluable in assisting those who wear it to find their true goal and purpose in life. To connect with their genuine motivational driving force. With their Inner Power and with their own 'Center of Gravity'.

The Sun Sacred Figures

Around the bracelet we engraved the Sun Sacred Figures of Divine Letters from “Philosophy of Natural Magic” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa and we set a Ruby, one of the Sun’s stone, to help with the attraction of the Sun virtue.

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