Original Telos Magic The Thoth Talisman,side View
Original Telos Magic The Thoth Talisman,side View Original Telos Magic The Thoth Talisman Front Sand View Original Telos Magic The Thoth Talisman Front View Original Telos Magic The Thoth Talisman Above Sand View

Thoth the Egyptian God Amulet – Brass – (only 1 for sale)


Comes with a black string. Please let us know if you want it 18 inch or 20 inch.


2.8 x 4.8 cm - 1.1 x 1.88 Inch
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Product Description

Thoth the Egyptian God Amulet is a unique hand-crafted jewelry that helps us sharpen our mental abilities, clear our minds and improve our communication skills by making us sharp in thinking and quick of wit.

Thoth is the god of knowledge and wisdom. The Greeks associated him with Hermes and ascribed to him the invention of all sciences as well as the introduction of writing.

Thoth stands apart from most other gods, as he was as old as the oldest gods and often acted as an intermediary between gods.




Thoth is the ruler of Art, Science, Music, Astronomy, Speech and Letters. He is the master of mathematics, astronomy and even of time itself.

The Thoth Talisman is created at a most auspicious Astrological time, when Mercury, the planet associated with Thoth and Hermes, is in a strong position for channeling his powers to increase mental clarity and reinforce everything that involves communication, speech, writing, editing and success in studying.


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