Telos Magic Venus Bracelet Brass Front Sand View
Telos Magic Venus Bracelet Brass Front Sand View Telos Magic Venus Bracelet Brass Side View Telos Magic Venus Bracelet Brass Front View

The Venus Bracelet – Brass


This is the ideal artifact for love, romance and harmony. Becoming more lovable, sociable, happier and living the Power of Love to its fullest.


Metal: Brass


Stone: Diamond

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Product Description

This Venus bracelet is a potent artifact to attract new romantic relationships and to preserver an existing ones. Ancient sources are praising the power of Venus to make you attractive and desirable to all.
Wearing the Venus bracelet will expand the scope of your aesthetic and sensual enjoyment, strengthens the bonds of true friendship and enhances your passion and inner peace.
This bracelet, confers optimism and awakens the will to live and experience life to its fullest, to appreciate beauty and to enjoy the finest creations in music and art. It amplifies the senses and brings you closer to the ones you love.
More than that, this bracelet invites prosperity and fertility, and invokes the Muses to inspire you in all your creative endeavours.

Venus's Sacred Figures

Around the bracelet we engraved Venus Sacred Figures of Divine Letters from “Philosophy of Natural Magic” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa and we set a Dimond, one of Venus’s stone, to help with the attraction of Venus virtue.


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