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Telos Magic was founded by Omer Layani & Sharon Dekel in 2016. It is the embodiment of our shared vision – to revive and to restore the ancient Hermetic wisdom, across its three traditional branches of Astrology, Alchemy and Theurgy (Magick).


After years of ongoing research and inquiry into the nature of our Selves and the roles we are meant to assume during or sojourn in the physical realm, we have reached the understanding that we are here to embark on an initiatory path of manifesting ancient knowledge by giving it a vessel and a place through our work and vision.


We have devoted our studies to the ways in which the old Masters perceived the Living Cosmos, which helped us discover both ancient and contemporary means to harness the invisible forces of the Universe.


Our goals at Telos Magic are focused on opening new pathways into the infinite yet untapped potential of our minds, through the exquisite variety of powerful techniques and initiatory artifacts that we are constantly developing, while remaining open to new and exciting cooperative endeavors to further expand the scope of our shared vision.


My name is Omer Layani. I am a goldsmith and I am practicing the Art of Magick for several years. For as long as I can remember, I have always been on a quest for ancient wisdom and for the way the ancients perceived and were able to capture the essence of the Living Cosmos. My true passion has always been the Occult and its main branches of Astrology, Alchemy, Magic and Sacred Geometry.


Over the years, I have been constantly amazed to discover the immense power of the unique jewelry I am able to create using Astrological Magick, with all its sacred symbols, for helping both myself and the people around me.


Assisting people in achieving their goals and gaining access to the power, guidance and healing of the celestial spirits has always been the primary motivation to persevere in my research, to find more “treasures” in the ancient world, to embed those treasures into my Art and to make them available in our everyday life.


My name is Sharon Dekel. I have been living and breathing the “worlds beyond” since I can remember. Years of research, studies and personal experiences have helped and guided me to establish a subtle bridge between the corporeal and the spiritual realms, which in turn inspires my designs and my way of approaching Magick.


After years of practice, I am now able to master a wide variety of tools and methods to access my higher consciousness and to manifest my desires in this Universal Ocean of limitless possibilities.


During the more recent years of my initiatory journey, I have found a way to incorporate those “treasures” from the spirit realms into ‘mundane’ life and imbue my jewelry with them. With Astrology and Magick, I have been able to find ways of persuading the Spirits to dwell in the Physical Objects of Power that I am creating. In this ongoing endeavor, I have discovered my passion for helping people to experience life to its fullest.

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